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Humidifiers Services

  Get $50 Off A Healthy Clinate Home Humidifier

We install and maintain the finest humidifiers.

If your home is not humidified enough, your skin will always feel dry. Keeping your air clean and appropriately balanced is key to a healthy home.

National studies indicate that your homes relative humidity should range between 30% and 60%. Humidified air feels warmer, reduces dry skin, static shocks and helps prevent damage to wood floors, trim and furnishings.

Betlem Residential Heating and Air Conditioning offerss offer whole-house or portable humidifiers by Healthy Climate, Aprilaire and Honeywell, some of the most respected names in home comfort. We'll assess the size of your home to determine which humidifier system is best for you.

These are two of our most popular home humidifier systems:

Healthy Climate Humidifier

  • Model WB17 Bypass Humidifier
  • 17 gallon capacity per day
  • Equaflo channel design provides even water distribution for optimal moisture


Healthy Climate Humidifier System

Healthy Climate

View product literature.

York Steam Humidifier

  • Model HU6DS / HU12DS
  • 15.8 or 35 gallons per day LCD Display


York Steam Humidifier System

York Steam Humidifier

View product literature.





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