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Home Energy Audit Packages

Inspection Plans for Your Home's Energy Usage

Betlem Residential Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to offer two choices for your home's energy efficiency: Essential Comfort and Comfort Plus.

Comfort Plus Home Energy Audit

The same great benefits as our Essential Comfort, but with these important extras:

5-Day Air Quality Evaluation

We’ll record a 5-day sample of your home’s indoor air quality and evaluate it using an indoor air monitor. We’ll then generate a detailed report, complete with recommendations, on how to improve the air your family breathes

Air Duct Pressurization Test

Our air duct blaster test will evaluate the amount of leakage of your air duct system

Air Flow Performance Test

We’ll perform a room-to-room airflow test to ensure a safe and proper airflow throughout your home.

Essential Comfort Home Energy Audit

Health & Safety Checks

Moisture and Structural Inspection

Complete analysis of the moisture levels in your home to identify and/or prevent potential issues

Gas Line Inspection

We’ll check your entire gas line, and all fittings, for possible leaks

Draft Test

We’ll check the draft of your home furnace and water heater systems to make sure all flue gases are venting safely

Carbon Monoxide Test

We’ll check CO levels on all of your combustion appliances, like your home furnace, central air conditioning system and water heater/boiler

Indoor Air Quality Inspection

We’ll visually inspect your home’s heating and cooling ductwork and filtration system for blockages or build-up of dust, pollen, mildew, etc.

Home Energy Efficiency Tests

Infiltration Test

We’ll “seal” your home and set up a temporary door blower to draw air and pinpoint exactly where your home is losing the most energy

Heat Loss Evaluation

Inspection of insulation, windows and doors to determine your home’s heat loss

Combustion Efficiency Test

Perform combustion tests on your home heating, cooling and water heating/boiler equipment

Gas Line Capacity

Inspect gas line sizing and length to guarantee proper gas delivery to your appliances

Appliance and Lighting Evaluation

Calculate where you could save energy by upgrading appliances and lighting fixtures throughout your home

Choose the package that's right for you and schedule your home energy audit today!

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